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New studios for 2WEB

2WEB Broadcast Engineer Chris Molyneaux installing the new studios with Brock Martens from BRAVE Tech  Photo TWH

A new era has begun for Outback Radio 2WEB and the Western Herald, with an upgrade of studio equipment, a new radio transmitter and improved IT systems and computer technology worth more than half a million dollars.

The upgrades have seen the old analogue studio equipment dismantled and removed, replaced with sleek, state of the art digital broadcast technology. 

The studios are no longer dominated by the large audio panels with their out-dated knobs and switches. The new equipment is less than a quarter of the size of the analogue panels but pack a powerful punch in terms of broadcast quality and versatility.

Chairman of the WREB Co-operative governing board Ian Cole said the upgrade would mean the operational systems of 2WEB were now well and truly in the 21st century.

“The upgrade to the digital technology is across all three studios at 2WEB meaning we can broadcast from any studio using state of the art equipment,” Ian said. 

“We’ve spent close to $200,000 on the rebuild, including the racks, panels, the computers and input systems.

“We’ve spent more than $130,000 upgrading all the computer hardware and software as well, including computers, servers, cabling and all the IT systems.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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