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What are the mobile homes for?

One of 20 the mobile campervans at the Mitchell Caravan Park. PHOTO TWH

Chief Execuitve of the Western NSW Local Health District, Scott McLachlan. PHOTO TWH

Western NSW Health Chief Executive, Scott McLachlan, said the campervans will be available for up to two weeks at a time for people in specific circumstances.

“They are for people who may be a close contact of a COVID-19 case or are recovering from COVID, but these facilities will not be for people who currently have COVID-19,” Mr McLachlan said.

“People staying in the campervans won’t be sick from COVID – we have different services for them, including hospital care, our Covid Care in the Community service where people receive medical care at home, and Special Health Accommodation.”

Mr McLachlan said there were some main groups who will be using the campervans.

“They are for people who are close contacts, may be infectious and who need to self-isolate for two weeks but may be unable to isolate at their own home because they want to protect family members, or they may be homeless,” he said.

“Other users will include people who have had COVID, are no longer infectious and are recovering but need time to ensure their recovery goes to plan before they go home.

“We have a team of public health and Aboriginal liaison staff to review each case to make sure this is the best option.

“After two weeks, or on an agreed date, people will return home, and the campervans will be professionally cleaned before the next person comes in,” he said.

People in the campervans will be monitored to make sure they are healthy and on-track to leave after a two-week period of self-isolation.

“This facility, provided by Health Infrastructure, will give people who need to isolate away from their own home a safe place to go.

That helps reduce the risk of Covid-19 circulating further,” Mr McLachlan said.

The Bourke facility is available for 8 weeks and may be extended due to need. If it is not utilised campervans may be relocated to other nearby communities.


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