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Sky Diving over Bourke

How would you like to go sky diving over Bourke in August? Photo contributed

If you feel you need a little more excitement in your life, a team of visiting sky divers might have the answer.

Next month, Skydive Oz will be in Bourke, offering tandem jumps for local daredevils.

Richie Dronow is chief instructor for Skydive Oz and said he is excited about seeing the outback from 14,000 feet.

“We try and get out to places where people might not get the chance to do this sort of thing very often,” Richie said.

“In the past we have run jumps from Broken Hill and Lightning Ridge, and we thought it was time to visit Bourke and offer the experience to local people.”

Richie has spent more than a decade leaping out of aircraft and said most people who take the leap say it is a life-changing experience.

“We have a choice of two planes that we use for the jump, a smaller one which can take two tandems or a bigger aircraft which can take four to five tandem jumpers.

“Our jumps can be from 14,000 feet but that depends on the conditions and the weather on the day,” he said.

“Each jumper is in tandem with an experienced skydiver and yes, people are a bit nervous when the plane door opens and as they move closer to their turn, that fear starts but it is pretty rare for anyone to back out, and we are pretty persuasive. We have had to go out backwards though!

“But once that door opens and it’s their turn to go, they are up for it. All that fear goes away, and they have an amazing time. It’s a unique experience and you can’t explain it – you just have to experience it for yourself.”

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