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Road name change to honour Captain Leo Fransen

Victoria Lugovoy with some of the 1200 signatures in favour of the road name change.. Photo TWH

2023 will be remembered for, among other things, the Hudson Fires at Grawin and Glengarry.

Many people lost homes, property, and hope during a raging bushfire that just kept reigniting with the winds blowing across dry fuel loads.

The community came together to house, feed, rehome, and provide for those who suffered because of the fires

That’s the way life is out here in the bush – if someone is in need, the community rallies together to find a way to assist as best they can.

In the bush, the words community and family are enmeshed no matter what town or village you are from. The wider family pulls together when the need arises.

Then there was a loss so great during the Hudson Fire that it just could not be fixed with a smile, a cuppa, or a bed for the night.

Captain Leo Fransen paid the ultimate price for a town he did not live in, serving a community unknown to him but willing to serve just the same.

No amount of money or material goods can ever cover the cost paid by this dedicated firefighter.

A volunteer firefighter from the Diamond Beach Rural Fire Brigade, located on the coast near Taree, served wholeheartedly without wanting anything in return.

Diamond Beach is a far cry from the local pool, or the flat plains of the outback.[…]

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