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Punching holes in mental health!

At the ‘Yarn to Your Mate’ program in Bourke – Tye Gordon, Adrian Gersbach, Braith Fernando, Corey Dixon, Chris Huxley, David Ford and Jamie Moore. Photo TWH

Last month, Tyrone Gordon started his ’Yarn to Your Mate’ program in Bourke, to raise awareness about mental health and end the stigma around men speaking out when they need help.

As a part of the program, Tyrone has been running nightly exercise and boxing classes at the Bourke PCYC, creating an outlet for people to get active in an environment that encourages people to share what’s on their minds.

“The idea behind it is to combat mental illness, so we do the work out and get everyone fit and healthy, and then we talk about suicide prevention and being there for your mates,” he said.

“We are trying to change the narrative of men being alone and having nobody to talk to.

“A lot of our men are taught not to express their feelings or talk about what they’re going through, but with this program, we are creating an environment where this is encouraged, a safe place where people can share whatever is on their mind.

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