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New state governmentdeath tax?

A new cemetery tax in NSW is being likened to a death tax. Photo TWH

A new state government tax will be imposed on every burial and cremation conducted in New South Wales, including at council-owned cemeteries.

General Manager of Bourke Shire Council, Leonie Brown, said that Council had been advised that effective July 1, 2024, an ‘interment services levy’ will be imposed on all burials and cremations across the state.

“The levy is to fund the cost of the government operating its regulatory organisation, Cemeteries and Crematoria NSW and will be set at $156 per burial, as in the case of cemeteries located in the Bourke Shire,” Mrs Brown said.

“In localities where cremations are available, the cost of the levy will be $41 per cremation and $63 per ash interment. The levy will not apply to the interment of destitute people or children under the age of 12,” Mrs Brown said.

The introduction of this tax has bought widespread condemnation across the state.

In a media release, the President of the Local Government NSW (LGNSW) Cr Darriea Turley AM called the new tax another example of cost shifting and has written to the minister responsible, Steve Kamper, calling for the decision to be reversed. […]

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