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Flood brings out spiders and snakes

Rachell Fretwell recovering from her spider bite, and Rachell’s leg after several days of treatment. Photos TWH

Rata Jackson

Flood water around Lightning Ridge has brought some unwanted visitors to town, as residents note an increase in snakes, mosquitoes, spiders and other pests.

Lightning Ridge miner, Sam Mehan, said that she had seen an increase in snake activity.

“Since the flooding, we have had to clean up the bush around our camp as we have spotted several brown snakes,” Sam said.

“For our own safety, and for the safety of our dog, we needed to clear the yard”.

Camp resident, Rachell Fretwell, suffered a spider bite to the leg, requiring medical attention including intravenous antibiotics from the hospital.

“My entire upper leg was swollen and extremely red, and besides the pain, I have suffered from nausea and been unable to work,” Rachell said.

Displaying the affected part of her leg, Rachell said she is concerned about the increased numbers of spiders at her home

“I have had our local pest control guy out here, but he can’t get the chemicals for spraying due to the floods. I have had to spray with cans, and I’ve seen hundreds of spiders, which has really shaken me up.”

Justine Osborne, who also lives in a mining camp, had a snake slither over her foot in her lounge room.

“I was inside getting a drink when I felt something on my foot. I thought I had dropped something, and when I looked down, I saw the snake heading away under my mat,” Justine said.

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