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Cotton gin boosts local economy

Namoi Cotton’s North Bourke gin yard. Inset – Ernie Winters and Luke Demmery working in the North Bourke Gin yard. PHOTO TWH

The North Bourke Gin is humming again, bringing with it a big boost to the local economy.

And next year is looking good too, as the huge amounts of water flowing down the Darling River have allowed local farmers to fill storages for next season’s crop.

Things are buzzing again out at the North Bourke gin site the as the owners, Namoi Cotton Limited, begin ginning a bumper crop for the Bourke region.

And the outlook is very optimistic according to Namoi Cotton’s Account Manager Jacob Booby.

“Over 50,000 bales of cotton will go through the North Bourke gin this season, which should keep a good deal of employment and opportunity going for about five to six months,” Mr Booby said.

“In total there was 9,000 hectares of cotton grown in the Bourke district this season, so that already has provided a big boost to the local economy with farm workers requiring food, accommodation, fuel, living essentials and entertainment, which all comes from the local town.

“Over fifty thousand bales being ginned locally – with all the extra inputs that requires is a huge boost for the town,” Mr Booby said.

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