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Combatting homelessness during Homelessness Week 2023

Mel Kirkpatrick, Leah Jackson and Reiyn Jackson getting ready for the day. Photo TWH

In a resolute bid to address the pressing issue of homelessness, Homelessness Week 2023 unfolded last week, with the theme “It’s time to end homelessness.”

Gathering with a shared purpose, the compassionate staff of Mission Australia from Walgett and Lightning Ridge rallied together to make a meaningful impact.

Their united efforts culminated in a nourishing breakfast event in Walgett last Thursday followed by a similar initiative in Lightning Ridge on Friday.

The Walgett Shire, though seemingly unmarred by the conspicuous signs of homelessness evident in the cities, has not escaped this critical issue.

While city people may witness the sight of individuals sleeping on park benches, shop fronts, and alleys, the challenge takes on a subtler form in regional areas.

The absence of overtly visible homelessness might mislead some into believing that the issue is absent. […]

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