Chance to give back for Bourke Artist Jenny Greentree

Local Artist Jenny Greentree (centre), with Bourke ICPA members, Di Ridge and Anna McCorkle. PHOTO TWH

For Bourke artist Jenny Greentree, this month’s 50th anniversary of the Isolated Children’s Parents association is a chance to give back.

Jenny has committed to sponsoring the conference, which will this year be held in Bourke to honour the organisation’s establishment at Bourke five decades ago.

The ICPA has since helped thousands of families living in remote and isolated communities. Jenny and husband Steve were one of those families.

“We at the Back O’Bourke Gallery are excited to be sponsoring the conference because, apart from the wonderful work the organisation does, it has also touched our lives in the years when we first came to Bourke,” Jenny said.

“When our children had to leave home and complete their education at boarding school, we were very grateful for the support and assistance we received.

“When our children had to go away, we had no idea what assistance was available and in no time at all, and with one phone call, we were put in the right direction about what to do.

“The other important thing is that it raises awareness of what it is like for people living in remote and isolated places.

“People in town may have no idea about how you must let children go from 11 years or in our case when our children reached 15.

“The ICPA does a great job of helping parents through that process,” Jenny said.

As well as the practical and emotional support Steve and Jenny received through the ICPA, there was another life-changing impact stemming from membership of the organisation.

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