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Businesses keep Diggers workers in town

Rukshan Maharjan and Olivia Hudson at Cooee for Coffee. PHOTO TWH

When Diggers on the Darling was burnt to the ground on 1 September this year, the community went into mourning for all that was lost.

But in amongst it all, the Bourke community shared a determination to help the staff who lost everything in the blaze.Since then, local businesses have found jobs for staff and five staff members are re-employed.

Former Diggers Manager, Sangita Prajapati is now working at the Back O’Bourke Exhibition Centre but said it was still a challenge trying to rebuild what she lost when Diggers was destroyed.

“We are getting there, but it is hard every day,” she said.

“We are missing what we lost, and I am missing my dog Woofy, but we are getting through it.

“The other boys have all found work so we are hoping we can rebuild and carry on,” Sangita said.

John Milgate at Morrall’s Bakery stepped in to help three of the staff members who lost their jobs, employing them to be part of the new Morrall’s evening take away meal service two weeks ago.

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