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Bringing people back to Bourke

Social Worker Jacqueline O’Brien says she is pleased to be back in Bourke. PHOTO TWH

Bourke’s office of the NSW Department of Communities and Justice is one of the beneficiaries of the work being carried out by the team at the North West Academic Centre.

Recently nominated for the Sydney University Vice Chancellor’s Award for outstanding contribution, the hospitality and welcoming spirit of staff and community is drawing students back to Bourke.

University of New England Social Work student, Jacqueline O’Brien, is proof of the centre’s work and purpose.

“As part of my rural work placement for my Bachelor of Social Work Studies I was offered Bourke,” Jacqueline said.

“I have a passion for working in isolated communities and it was something that I’d always wanted to do, so I thought ‘Yeah I can give that a crack’.

Before first coming to Bourke for her placement, Jacqui had heard lots of differing opinions.

“I came out in February for my four-month work placement with the Department of Communities and Justice, and I met a lot of people and working professionals who all seemed to love their time in Bourke.

“Bourke got me straight up,” she said.

And before the end of her work placement, Jacqui had secured a twelve-month contract with the Department of Communities and Justice in Bourke.

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