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Bre’s artists tell the story of community

Urayne Warraweena and Belinda Boney with their winning Bre LALC logo design. Below: the winning logo. Photos contributed

Tricia Duffield

Brewarrina’s thriving art community is visible everywhere, with designs for Country Rugby Union, the NRMA, the Indigenous Fire Brigade and now the Bre Local Aboriginal Land Council. Respected artist Belinda Boney has set the pace with her evocative designs and she has now teamed up with another passionate artist, Urayne Warraweena, to take their art from the canvas to some highly visible PLACES.

Together, Belinda and Urayne designed the new logo for the re-launched Bre LALC, not only signifying the self-governance and success of the organisation, but telling the story of its significance within the Bre community.

The search for the new logo after the organisation came out of administration and back into governance, began as a competition last year to encourage local artists, but the contest didn’t conclude with a suitable design.

CEO John Reidy then approached Belinda and Urayne to work on a concept and last week, the finished design was officially accepted as the new logo.

Urayne, who works as media liaison for the LALC said she hoped to inspire more local artists to turn their artistic hobby into a profession.

“The LALC hasn’t had employees for six years and only came out of administration this year, but it had the old generic logo created a while back and our CEO John Reidy wanted something that told our story, so he put it to us try and design a logo,” Urayne said.

“I decided on the ochre colours we have here. The ochre bed in our river is very important to our culture, it was our trading tool and is used on the Aboriginal rock art at Gundabooka and other significant sites.

“We were the oly people with that large ochre bed of white, orange and red so I used those three colours.

“The circle in the logo represents the Yarning Circle that was built down at the river by the Shire, which is a circle of stones, then I used the Yellowbelly fish in the design and a representation of the flowing water of the river, because that is what Bre is renowned for - the river and the fish traps.

“Belinda painted it and did the structure of the design, and we work well together on ideas.

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