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Bourke’s ‘Father Rock ‘n’ Roll’ spreads the word of God through music

Father Oche Matutina says music is important in bringing the word of God to many people. Photo TWH

Tricia Duffield

Bourke’s Catholic parish priest, Father Oche, has become known as ‘Father Rock and Roll’ and his searing guitar riffs are spreading the word of God through the congregation, one lead solo at a time.

Father Oche Matutina, originally from Indonesia, is reaching out to members of the Bourke Parish with his show-stopping performances on the electric guitar, as he shares his love of rock and roll with his faith and ministry.

Father Oche believes that his musical talent is a gift from God and that bringing people back to the church is his Christian mission.

Father Oche came to Bourke in September last year after serving in parishes in Indonesia, Samoa, and Melbourne. He said he hadn’t planned on joining the priesthood when he was younger - he had plans to become a professional musician, but said God had other plans.

“At the time I didn’t think about being a priest,” Father Oche said.

“My father was very musical and played guitar and ukulele. I had seven siblings who were all musical and we performed together in bands, and since I was in middle school, I had dreamed of being a musician.

“But I met an old German priest in my hometown on the island of Sumba in Indonesia, and I saw how he visited people and was very kind to them, and when I saw him doing that, I decided I wanted to be like him.

“Even though I really wanted to be a musician, something in my heart told me to give my life to the priesthood, and so I joined the seminary in 1995 and I was ordained in July 2004,” he said. […]

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