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Bourke butcher gives local lads a go

Bourke Butchery Manager Ernie Delany, with his crew: Jarryn Moore, Tyran Morris, Darren Milgate, Lantz Brown and Jono Whitbread. PHOTO TWH

Ernie Delany believes in giving everyone a chance and he practices what he preaches.

Manager of Bourke Butchery, Ernie has taken a keen interest in giving opportunities to local youth.

The first of a crew of local youths to start working at the butchery was second year apprentice, Tyrone Sutton.

Tyrone started as a wash boy at Kegs Butchery, then moved across to work for Ernie, and within two months he had commenced his apprenticeship.

Tyrone said that working in the butcher shop gave him confidence and a sense of purpose.

“I probably would have just been sitting around drinking and getting into trouble otherwise,” Tyrone said.

As the business started to grow Ernie realised that he and butcher Jono Whitbread needed more help in the shop.

Tyrone was the first of a crew of five local boys now working at the popular Bourke business.

Lantz Brown, 13, and Jarryn Moore, 14, are students at Bourke High School, they go in after school and work as wash boys in the shop.

They both enjoy making Ernie’s popular mock chicken legs, the camaraderie of being in a positive group and making a little money.

Tyran Moore, 17, has left school and works about 20 hours part-time as an all-rounder, learning how to make sausages and boning beef.

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