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Bonnie saves the best to last

Bonnie Smith celebrates after completing IMF Marathon in Canberra. Photo contributed

Local runner Bonnie Smith has exceeded her expectations, completing the IMF marathon in Canberra well under her projected time.

Returning to Bourke and taking time to reflect, Bonnie said she was so pleased with her performance.

“I was expecting a time of 6 hours, 30 to 45 minutes, and I did it in under six hours, so I was absolutely stoked.

“I was so well equipped and supported throughout the race. It was awesome - my best long run ever. I still can’t believe I had such a good run.

Bonnie said the weather prediction for the week leading up to the race was for thunderstorms and 20 to 30 mms of rain but on the day, it was perfect.

“We’d all been watching the forecasts closely and it wasn’t looking favorable, so I’d made peace with the fact that I’d be running in thunderstorms.

“We had a Welcome to Country on the Friday and literally a couple of hours after that, the prediction changed to light showers and 2-6 mms.

“It was like someone was looking after us, it felt really special.

Head Coach Rob de Castella and team coach Damian Tuck were with Bonnie and her two co-runners Hope and Joy, throughout the marathon.

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