Benny hits Bourke on Walk 2 Recovery

Layton Holley

Six months ago, Benny Scott was in the grip of addiction, staring death in the face.

Now, he is walking to Alaska to inspire others and to help himself climb out of the lonely hole of addiction.

We saw Benny and his dog, Frankie, on the highway 30 kilometres out of Bourke, sweating under the beating sun, dehydrated, and looking desperate.

The trailer he had been pushing from Sydney was on its last legs – we asked him to push it down the middle of the road for a photo, but after about five metres, the whole thing fell apart – the trailer would take him no further.

Luckily, the next day, his family picked him up on the road and took him into Bourke – where he sat down with The Western Herald for an interview.

The story of Ben’s addiction began in 2019 when he was suffering in hospital from gangrene in his leg.

He had just returned from China, and once out of the hospital, he moved in with a group of people who were addicts.

“I went down the rabbit hole,” Ben said, “and took the party too seriously; I whistled right on past fun and down to psychosis.”

Before long, Ben was using up to seven grand worth of cocaine and methamphetamine a week, injecting doses that would kill anyone else.

“I was losing my mind – when you play with dangerous chemicals, you lose your sanity.

“It started with thinking that my girlfriend was cheating on me,” he said, “and it ended with me thinking that there were soldiers after me in the bushes.

“One time I jumped off a two-story building to prove that what I was seeing was real.

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