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Australian Citizenship Ceremony at Walgett

Walgett Shire Council General Manager Michael Urquhart on left, with Grace Mansueto, Titapa Chuaychu, Wa Tandavanitj, Da Tandavanitj, Shawn Chape and Walgett Shire’s Deputy Mayor Councillor Greg Rummery. Photo TWH

Rata Jackson

The Walgett Shire community welcomed its newest Australian citizens at an official ceremony in the Council Chambers on Thursday, the 27th of October.

Council paused their monthly meeting to commence the ceremony, officiated by Deputy Mayor Clr Rummery. Mayor Clr Jane Keir could not attend the ceremony due to flood waters.

Almost half of all Australians were born overseas or have a parent who was. The Walgett Shire region has a long history of welcoming people from all over the world. By choosing to call the Walgett Shire home, our newest citizens contribute enormously to making our community the vibrant, healthy, resilient, and culturally rich place for which we are known.

The Deputy Mayor opened the ceremony by acknowledging the Traditional Custodians of the land, followed by the formal proceedings. The ceremony ended with one and all heartily singing the Australian National Anthem.

The citizens were gifted a 2022 Australian Citizenship coin and a book.

Clr Cooke, Clr Hundy, Clr Seaton, Clr Walford, Deputy Mayor Clr Rummery and General Manager Michael Urquhart, and others were in attendance with family and friends to welcome the five new Australian Citizens.

Light lunch was served for those attending the ceremony.


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