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Are the latest government ads misleading propaganda and a waste of taxpayers’ money?

Lloyd Polkinghorne from the Stand Up Campaign on the Murray River at Moulamein. Photo contributed

Murray Darling Basin Plan

A community group has slammed an Albanese government advertisement as ‘misleading propaganda’, saying it is an ‘appalling waste of taxpayer money’.

Members of the Speak Up Campaign say they were outraged when they saw the television advertisement which claims the Murray-Darling Basin Plan will ‘pump life into our farms’.

“The reality is in stark contrast to this inaccurate propaganda,” said Speak Up Deputy Chair Lloyd Polkinghorne. “Our farmers are threatened, their ability to grow the food we need is being sacrificed, and all Australians will pay through higher food prices at the supermarket.

“That is what is really happening across the Murray-Darling Basin, but we have a government that is prepared to mislead the public in a brazen attempt to gain environmental votes,” Mr Polkinghorne said.

Mr Polkinghorne was also concerned that the government advertisement claims rivers could run dry during the next drought.

“The Murray and its tributaries will not run dry because we have massive volumes of water in upstream storages,” he said.

“Even during recent droughts, when there was no water for food production and towns were on severe water restrictions, the Murray River was running a banker, sending massive quantities of water to South Australia.” […]

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