An artist in the making

Mervyn hard at work on another painting. Photo supplied

High School student, Mervyn Powell, has produced an outstanding art collection in his final year at Bourke High.

The collection, produced for his “Life Skills Visual Arts Body of Work” is made up of twenty pieces of original artwork.

Mervyn said it was art and sport that kept him at school. Growing up in Bourke, he loved sports, especially rugby league, and has a natural gift for both sport and art.

“I used to enjoy sketching when I was little, but by the time I got to high school I enjoyed painting.

“I enjoyed art and sport the most at school – that’s what kept me there.

“Some days I could just sit there and knock it straight out but other days I get distracted.

“I feel relaxed and at peace when I’m painting and I like to listen to country music, it helps me focus and concentrate.

Mervyn said his favourite pieces in the works would be his butterfly painting, and the blue and purple turtles he gave as a gift to ex-principal Rob Bourke and Rob’s wife Lee.

On finishing school Mervyn said he would love to continue with his painting and would certainly follow a career in art.

“I’m planning on staying in Bourke and I’ll be looking for a job, so maybe punching out a few paintings at the Aboriginal Art Gallery with Brian, Sheldon, Jamie and the boys could be a good option.

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