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Telling the story of the Darling River

Australian Geographic journalists Diana Plater and Justin Walker at the Bourke lock and weir on Friday. PHOTO TWH

The Darling River is one of Australia’s most significant and beautiful rivers and its story will be featured in a coming issue of the highly acclaimed Australian Geographic magazine.

Author and journalist Diana Plater and photojournalist Justin Walker were on a stopover in Bourke last week as part of their expedition down the river to capture the images and tell the story of the Darling and its impact on the environment and communities along its length.

“We’re following the Darling from where it starts at the Culgoa Junction to where it joins the Murray at Wentworth,” Diana said.

“The magazine has done a series on rivers and I have previously spent time in the Kimberleys and written about the Fitzroy, but the story of the Darling River hasn’t been told in the Australian Geographic.

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