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Love of the land brings Julia to Bourke

Julia Dearn is the new Western LandCare Co-ordinator based in Bourke. PHOTO TWH

A love of country life and a desire to help farmers, was the driving force behind the decision for Bourke’s new Western Landcare Coordinator, to leave a well-paid city job and head west.

Julia Dearn arrived almost six weeks ago and has been busy getting to know landholders across the vast ‘office’ of the western region.

At just 22, Julia has clear ideas about the work she wants to do and where she might add value in the role – and Bourke was the pick of the crop.

“My role is to basically support farmers, with everything from baiting to sourcing funding, but I am still trying to work out exactly what the role is,” Julia said.

“I hadn’t been out here before, so I looked up Bourke on the map and thought it looked alright and decided to take the role.”

Western Landcare is a not-for-profit organisation, funded by government, to help farmers achieve sustainable agricultural outcomes.

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