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Gracyn raises $2,000 for Variety

Left: Gracyn before the big chop, centre: hairdresser Samantha Linke preparing Gracyn’s hair for the snip, and right: Gracyn after the big chop! PHOTOS TWH

When six-year-old Gracyn Bowden’s friend was diagnosed with cancer, the Year 1 St Ignatius student decided she wanted to do something to help.

On Tuesday, Gracyn showed courage and compassion beyond her years, cutting her long locks for the charity Hair With Heart.

The aim of the organisation is to raise money and to donate the hair for wigs for children who have lost their natural hair due to their medical treatment.

Gracyn had almost waist length hair but decided to cut off more than 37 centimetres to donate to the charity – and support her friend.

Mum Teaghan said even though Gracyn was so young, her daughter had always shown a compassion for others.

“She wants to do things to make people feel good and she always loves to see someone happy because of something she has done,” Teaghan said.

“One of her friends in Mudgee has brain cancer and lost all her hair so we talked about why that happens and so when it was time for her to cut her hair, we talked about whether she could donate it to help kids like her friend.

“Gracyn is even more excited that people have donated money to see her cut off her locks.

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