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Mark O’Shannessy re-elected President

The Bourke Bowling Club held its Annual General Meeting on Sunday, re-electing Mark O’Shannessy as President.

Ninety-four members attended with all elected positions filled as well as the election of the six-member board.

Mark said the goal now was for the club to complete the last of the renovations to the club but more importantly, address concerns with the bowling greens.

“We will be finishing the topsoil and then laser levelling the greens in early November and we hope to have them ready for games by December, certainly by Christmas,” Mark said.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

The new Bourke Bowling Club board of directors for 2019/20 – Matthew Pitt, Mark O’Shannessy (President), Jim O’Shannessy, Barbara Ebsworth, Steve Walsh, Raymond Mackay, Trent Gale and Jim Rice (Treasurer). Absent: Jarryd Samuelsson (Vice President) PHOTO TWH

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