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See you at Enngonia Races 21st September 2019

Enngonia Race Club President Bill Ridge and Club Secretary Will Ridge invite everyone to free entry at the 2019 Enngonia Races Photo TWH

After Louth, the Enngonia Races are the next big outback meeting, with organisers this year confident the dry conditions will work in their favour.

Enngonia Race Club President Bill Ridge has this year taken over from stalwart Phillip Ridge, continuing the Ridge family’s association with Enngonia races since the 1950s.

The race meet is this year celebrating its 71st year, with the date set for September 21 - and hopefully perfect weather conditions.

Enngonia Races have been washed out several years in a row and last year severe winds challenged even the hardiest racegoers, but this year, conditions are expected to be ideal for a great day in Enngonia.

“We’ve seen four of six meetings washed out and that’s why we opted for the September 21 date,” Bill said.

“The drought has been so tough and when the meeting was planned, the wheels had fallen totally off for most of us.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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