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Outback Showman rebuilding history

Paul Richardson, Peter Collins and Doug Berthold — the three local tradesmen who built the new carriage for Bourke’s Showman Paul Clarkson and the finished product (below photo) Photos: TWH

Bourke’s Outback Showman Paul Clarkson has brought more than his entertaining performance to town.

His horse-drawn history tours of the town and along the banks of the Darling River are also proving popular with his hand-crafted carriage attracting a lot of attention.

Paul’s passion for the history of the town meant he needed an authentic carriage as part of the experience, so Paul had his ageing wooden cart re-built in Bourke using local tradesmen and timber.

The project has meant employment for three men and the careful recreation of the two-horse vehicle.

“I bought the vehicle a few years ago but it was looking a bit the worse for wear,” Paul said.

“I had it stripped down to just the brakes, poles, wheels and suspension, so it’s been rebuilt as basically a whole new carriage.

“And I have used all local tradesmen, suppliers and materials to complete the project.

“Doug Berthold and his off-sider Paul Richardson did a great job building the frame, and the local skipper of the Jandra – Peter Collins did the upholstery and they did a beautiful job.

“Their skill and dedication to the job was second to none.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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