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Ladies Drought Day helps to lift spirits

Some of the ladies enjoying the Wellness and Happiness day are: Heather Cameron (Lower Lila), Kylie Baty (Muella), Charlotte Nott (Franks Paddock), Marie Stephenson (Bourke), Courtney Ellery (Winrae), Sue Davis (Myroolia), Chery Hatch (Wombah), Suzi Pritchard (Mooleyarrah), Chris Ferguson (Ki-ora), Matilda Ferguson (Ki-ora), Jocie Keane (Willara), Rose Anne Myors (Ourimbah), Michelle Bland (Talyealye), Beryl Leigo (Moorland Downs), Stacy Keane (Waverly Downs), Sandra McGrath (Wancobra), Elaina Powell (Lower Lila). PHOTOS: Land and Life Photography

Women on the land who are doing it tough during the drought had a day of fun and companionship on Sunday, with a special “Ladies Day” organised by two fellow landholders who decided it was time the girls had a bit more fun.

Kylie Fisher and Kylie Baty, who live on properties on the outskirts of the Bourke Shire, decided to organise a day where other women could relax, try out some handicrafts and socialise with other women going through equal hardships.

The day was a great success and Kylie Fisher said it was a tonic for women who were exhausted from working alongside their husbands and family members, keeping properties going during the long dry.

“We are all up in the Yantabulla area and there had been no drought functions up in this area,” Kylie said.

“There were eight people who had had accidents on their farms in recent times and we put it down to the fact they were exhausted, constantly carting water and hand feeding and so on.

“So we decided we should get all the women together and have a drought day.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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