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New Water Minister mends political fences

NSW Water Minister Melinda Pavey took a tour of Bourke, Bre and beyond this week Photo: TWH

New Minister for Water Melinda Pavey wasted no time seeing first hand the devastating effects of drought during her first tour of the western region. On Tuesday, Minister Pavey was sworn in as a frontbencher of the newly elected NSW government. By Thursday she was on the road to Broken Hill, Menindee, Wilcannia and finally Bourke - and mending some political fences on the way.

Minister Pavey takes over the running of what is arguably the most important and sometimes toxic portfolio in the NSW government. It saw off former Minister Niall Blair who cited death threats and unrelenting criticism as part of the reason for standing down from the job.

The new Minister applauded the efforts of her former colleague and said she was now on a mission to secure funding, improve infrastructure and deliver confidence to communities beaten down by the drought.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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