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Darling drying up

The North Bourke rocks are exposed as the weir pool drops. Inset: Bourke residents digging a trench in the Darling River in the 1940’s to bring water to the town pump as the rivers completely dries up. photo courtesy Frank Kerr.

Bourke is in ‘uncharted territory’ regarding critical water supplies, with drought conditions not seen since 1944 and the possibility the town will run out of river water by the end of May.

Level Four water restrictions are now in place and Mayor Barry Hollman said those restrictions will be stringently enforced.

“We’ve had phones ringing every day regarding non-compliance with the water restrictions – we’re in a crisis and we ask people to abide by the rules in place as we get through this.

“We don’t want to come down and turn your water off but that’s what will happen – we’ll call you or you’ll get a letter, we’ll be out there patrolling, so let’s be fair to one another and we will get through this if we abide by the rules.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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