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Author captures heart of life on the land

Photographer Al Mabin (far right) with Tanya Mitchell, Una Taylor and Charlotte Nott holding Al’s four photographic collections Photos: TWH

The drought has brought into sharp focus how much we rely on our farmers to feed us and the price we pay if we don’t support them.

But most Australians don’t know what it takes to put food on the supermarket shelves.

A series of remarkable coffee table books tells the story in incredible photographs and intimate stories.

The Drover was the first book by photo-journalist Al Mabin.

She has since produced The Driver, about our transport industry and now a two book series called The Grower has just been released telling the story of the people and processes that get food off the land and onto our plates.

This is an important time for those stories to be told.

Al was in Bourke last week promoting The Grower and gave a presentation at Carole’s.

Her life story and what it took for her to capture the images for her books is astonishing.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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