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Pirates Visit Bourke To Bring Message of Hope

Bourke was visited by a group of pirates last week, not to loot and plunder but to bring a message of hope and inspiration. The pirate show is the work of Russell Hodge, a Christian educator and member of Outback Patrol, which visits remote towns where schools have no access to scripture lessons. Russell is an amputee, losing a leg in a motorcycle accident near Hermidale 12 years ago. Rather than dwell on his misfortune, Russell decided to incorporate his injury into his scripture teachings, dressing up as a pirate to talk about the discovery of treasure. "I learnt forgiveness through my accident," Russell explained. "That was one of the treasures I talk about to the students. I met the fellow who drove the car in the accident and I was blessed to have the treasure of forgiveness and perspective.

Read more in the printed edition of the Western Herald.

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