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Wild dogs in sights of Western LLS

The Western LLS Dog Baiting program 2023. Inset: a typical wild dog in the Western Division. Photo TWH/Wayne Preece

Wild dogs are in the sights of the Western Local Land Services as WLLS staff prepare to roll out an autumn baiting program – both from air and on land.

LLS Senior Biosecurity Officer, Alana Coxhead said planning has begun for this season’s pest baiting program and Alana is encouraging landholders to reach out if they want to be involved.

“We’re looking to have the plane up in the air in early April, and the program runs for approximately two weeks covering a wide distribution of properties across western New South Wales,” Ms Coxhead said.

“We’re definitely hoping for a big baiting season and striving for more properties and landholders to participate in destroying wild dogs across our region.”

Ms Coxhead said it’s important for as many people as possible to get involved.

“Ideally, all landholders should be aware of the tests on their property and looking to control those pest species so if you’re short on time or have some tricky country to access, aerial baiting, definitely a good option for you,” she said.

The two-week aerial baiting program will use wild dog baits in the form of dried meat injected with 1080 poison which will be distributed across the region for landholders that are participating.

After that two-week program, Western Local Land Services will continue with on ground baiting.

“Any landholders are welcome to join in with ground baiting, so we can control pest animals on your property,” Ms Coxhead said.

“If you need a bit of more information or are interested in joining a baiting group, just call your local biosecurity officer or your local LLS office,” she said.

“If you want to voice your interest to participate in the upcoming season of aerial baiting, landholders can contact me on 0448 759 190.”

Senior Biosecurity Offcier Alana Coxhead is planning the 2024 dog baiting program across western NSW. Photo TWH


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