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Western Herald welcomesRata

Rata Jackson of Lightning Ridge has joined the team at The Western Herald and 2WEB. Photo Noel Fisher

Rata Jackson has joined the team at the Western Herald and 2WEB as the on-the-ground news correspondent for Lightning Ridge.

Well known to many in the Lightning Ridge community Rata has been a resident of the area for about six years

“I came out here for a two-week holiday just after my job on the Gold Coast finished, and I was feeling a bit sorry for myself,” Rata said.

“Getting older, I wondered who would employ me. I had friends out here at the Ridge and they invited me out for a couple of weeks R&R and I’m still out here on R&R,” she laughs.

Rata has three grown children, and they are scattered all over the place, so she doesn’t get to see them as often as she would like.

“What I miss with my children, Lightning Ridge has more than made up for with family.

“I have worked on front reception at the Lightning Ridge Bowling Club for some time and it has made me realise what a great love I have for people.

“Spending a lot of time with people I hear lots of stories and get told a lot of things.

“This new job with The Western Herald is very exciting for me as I will be able to hear stories and bring the news to others, it really excites me,” Rata says with a big smile.


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