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Water theft suspicions not in line with reality

NRAR Chief Regulatory Officer Grant Barnes. Photo TWH

A survey by the water police in NSW has found that many people believe that river water theft is an ongoing problem, and they want more done to stop it.

The Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR) runs an annual survey to keep tabs on attitudes of the public and water users on water use in NSW.

NRAR’s Chief Regulatory Officer, Grant Barnes, said that the perception of widespread water theft – thrown up by the survey – is not in line with reality.

“We know through our extensive engagement with water users on farm, that the vast majority of them are doing the right thing and are complying with all the rules,” Mr Barnes said.

“But water law can be complex and there are occasions where water users might get themselves into minor non-compliance situations and that’s where we work with users to help them out.” […]

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