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Walgett students learn of local Council jobs

Walgett Shire Council mechanical workshop, where numerous careers are available. Photo TWH

A group of year 7 and year 8 students from Walgett Community College have received an education in the various employment opportunities available through local government at Walgett.

On Wednesday, the 10th of April, Tim Wykes, Careers Teacher for the Lightning Ridge cluster and Julie McKeown Human Resource Manager for Walgett Shire Council, led the students on a tour of Walgett’s local government infrastructure.

“Our aim was to open the student’s eyes to the breadth of opportunities right here in Walgett,” Mr Wykes explained as the tour began at the Walgett airport.

“Here, the airport manager, David Callander, not only talked about the different roles available but also shared fascinating anecdotes about the airport’s history.”

Plant manager Robin Beckwith and his apprentices shared insights into careers in water treatment and plumbing and their own personal journeys at the Water Treatment Plant.

Apprentices Liam French and Tom Ryan, who both left school at an early age, discussed the challenges they faced and the rewards of their work.

“Liam went to school in Walgett, and it is important that the students can see that if school is not for them, not all is lost on the workforce front.”

“Apprenticeships can turn a disinterest in traditional schooling into a fruitful career path,” Mr Wykes noted, reflecting on the apprentices’ testimonials.

Mr Beckwith also discussed the shortages of tradies and water treatment plant workers, encouraging students to consider future options in their hometown and how these careers are more than just jobs.

“The ability to advance by starting businesses or further training to higher positions within other companies is real,” says Mr Beckwith.

The tour then moved to the Walgett Shire Council Depot. […]

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