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Vouchers to get kids back swimming

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Project Officer, Murray Newham. Photo supplied

It’s been a long time since Bouke’s youngsters could leap into the swimming pool without restrictions

After a long break while the pool was being rebuilt, and COVID restrictions applied, the pool is now ready for use.

To encourage the littlest members of the community and their families to get back in the water, the NSW Office of Sport is offering vouchers to offset the cost of swimming lessons.

Project Officer, Murray Newham, said the ‘First Lap’ program was aimed at getting children aged 3 to 6 years into the water, with many of them missing out on vital lessons due to lockdowns.

“We’re excited about the Bourke swimming pool re-opening after the renovation work and to encourage kids back into lessons, we are offering this new learn-to-swim voucher from December 1,” Murray said.

“Families get a $100 swim voucher which can be redeemed from any provider.

“Providers can register now to be part of the program. Swimming is an extremely important way of life for Australians so at that age getting kids into swimming and learning to swim is vital.

“It’s a great initiative from the NSW government and we want to maximise the uptake in the western region.

“We have sent out information to the community to encourage people to train to be learn-to-swim coaches. We want people to train up and get skilled and that would be a great outcome for everyone.

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