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Veteran’s Cricket Championships

Division 4 winners – P. Simoniti, D. Newton, C. Sargent, S. Traves, T. Whitall, T. Croft, T. Branson, G. Fuss, M. Tool, P. Constable, M. Marlino and K. Taylor. Photo contributed

Rata Jackson

Chris Sargent from Lightning Ridge came home a winner after his division 4 cricket team won every match at the Over 50’s Nationals Championships in Adelaide during the last week of November.

Chris said the competition was a great week of cricket.

“The guys I played with and against were all a lot of fun,” Chris said.

“In the final, I got 24 and two for 29 off nine overs. I got picked as the Queensland Man of the Match. That is when the opposition team (Queensland) picks that opposition player to be the man of the match, and I was awarded it two days running.”

“The highlight for me was the day of the final when we played at Prince Alfred college – the college that the Chappell brothers went to, and it also produced nine test cricketers. It was a bit of a thrill to play there.”

Well done, Chris!


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