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The staff of 1955 at Bourke’s former department store — Permewan Wright

Photo shows Bourke Permewans staff in 1955 outside the store on the corner of Oxley and Sturt Streets (where the IGA car park is now located).

Back row, left to right: Frank Lynch, Bert Gough, Bill Burke, unknown, unknown, Jim Green, Sid Hayman, Tom Adams, Bruce Fleming, Peter Potter, Bill Swalwell, and Fred Maxwell. Front row: Jim Hodson, Gordon Taylor, Amy Burke, Janice Wade, Una Bye, Phyllis Hayman, Beris McClure, Yvonne Ison, Geraldine Burke, Dobbin Homer, unknown. Other employees absent from this photo were Jack Mott and Jack Hindle. Can anyone help us with the “unknown” people? – send email to


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