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The SES needs local recruits

2WEB’s News Director, Noni Kuhner, with Joshua Clarke from the NSW State Emergency Service. Photo TWH

The State Emergency Service in Bourke is looking for new recruits to swell the numbers of people available for call out in an emergency.

SES Operational Readiness Officer, Joshua Clarke, was recently in Bourke as part of a Western NSW tour with the State Rescue Board.

Mr Clarke said that he was conducting inspections and audits of the various rescue units from Mendooran to Broken Hill and from Burren Junction to Euston.

According to Mr Clarke, SES volunteers did more than just assist with storm or flood damage.

“They are called on to do anything from helping someone with a ring stuck on their finger to helping a cat stuck in a pipe, Mr Clarke said.

“And motor vehicle accidents are, unfortunately, a common callout, or perhaps helping with a large animal rescue.

“There are a diverse set of skills needed and thankfully the SES train their volunteers for a broad range of foreseeable situations.

“Whether you feel you might be better suited to an administrative role or in a hands-on capacity in the field, this a great way to give back to the community,” Mr Clarke said.


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