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The Ridge adopts another runaway

Trudy Spargo haveing fun at the Hungry Spirit with Mercedes and Makayla McBride. Photo TWH

Like so many who move to Lightning Ridge, Trudy Spargo has run away from her home – at Kyogle – to start afresh.

“My kids have grown up enough, so I could run away from home,” Judy laughs.

“I have wanted a change for a while now, and Lightning Ridge is a place I have always wanted to see and be a part of. Now I am here, I want to immerse myself in the community.”

“I am committed to staying for a year, but I may stay on longer if asked.

Trudy is employed at Lightning Ridge Central School as a Secondary School relief teacher, which she says is an exciting role.

“My background is in science, specifically biology and chemistry, and some maths. This new role will allow me to get to know all the kids and work in a different range of teaching, and I would like to think I can help the kids along their journey”.

“I have moved out here with my best friend, my dog, an Aussie Shepherd. He gives me snuggles in the morning, and I love being with him.”

“I have been a mum for so long and I am not complaining about that. I love being a mum. But now that the kids are finding their own paths, I have come to reinvent my life. I have come to start the rest of my life”, Trudy said.

Hmmm if Ms Spargo wants to immerse herself in the community, I am sure many community groups would love to help her do that.

The Lightning Ridge Easter Festival is coming up, so many committees are looking for new people to help the kids, promote the town and the list goes on.

Welcome to Lightning Ridge Trudy Spargo. Get immersed!


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