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The real meaning of Easter — a time of hope and renewal

Cecil Dorrington has spent a lifetime explaining the Gospel of Jesus to people at Bourke’s Holy Innocents Anglican Church. Photo TWH

Easter is a time of hope and renewal according to long term Bourke churchman Cecil Dorrington.

Cecil, a licensed lay minister with the Anglican Church for the last 40 years or so, said that Jesus came to earth to be an example of what we can achieve in this life.

“Through Jesus, Christians have hope for the future – that is the whole purpose of Easter.

“It’s a time when we remember that Jesus came to teach us how to live, and died on a cross so that we could have eternal life through his sacrifice.

According to Cecil, Easter is one of the two most important festivals on the Christian calendar – after Christmas.

“Christmas is the beginning of God’s plan in sending Jesus to show us how we should be living, and Easter is the culmination of that plan.

“At Easter we remember Jesus’ death on the cross for us, and then we celebrate his resurrection three days later, when he rose from the dead and appeared to several of his friends and disciples.

“Jesus conquered death, as he promised he would, and with that resurrection is the promise that we can all share that eternal life.

“Christians believe that although we die in human form, we also live on in a spiritual form; we are eternal beings. […]

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