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The Mito Postie Adventure

Hebel leg of the trip. Inset: Matt Holroyd. Photos TWH

The Mito Postie Adventure, now a tradition, commemorates Matt Holroyd, who battled mitochondrial disease—a debilitating condition that claims more young lives annually than many realise.

In an effort to keep Matt’s spirit alive and drive progress in treating this disease, the annual postie bike ride has become a symbol of hope and determination.

The latest expedition, commencing on April 30 from Londonderry, involved over 40 riders and a total crew of 80 people.

They journeyed through the Grawin Opal Fields, visiting the three bush pubs, Hebel, the Nindigully Pub and Lightning Ridge, to name a few of the destinations.

This ambitious route tested their endurance, not for speed or comfort, but to deepen understanding and support for those suffering from mitochondrial disease.

This year’s adventure, mirroring the challenges faced by those like Matt, was not just a physical journey but a profound communal effort to foster awareness and accumulate essential funds for research. {…]

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