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The legacy of Dynamic Duo Rikki and Lucy

Lucy and Rikki in the 2WEB production studio. Photo TWH

Outback Radio 2WEB

St Ignatius’ previous and current students have a history of presenting ‘after school’ shows on 2WEB, and Rikki “Lee” Salt and Lucy Tiffen are no exception.

This dynamic duo has woven captivating tales on the airwaves since 2022, and although Rikki has set out on new adventures at boarding school, the echoes of their 2023 show continue to resonate with listeners, leaving an unforgettable impression.

At the age of 10, Rikki Salt kickstarted her journey, co-hosting alongside Eriko Rose.

When Eriko’s path led her to boarding school, the baton seamlessly passed to 10-year-old Lucy Tiffen from St Ignatius Primary School, ensuring a spirited collaboration endured.

The Rikki and Lucy show of 2023 was a testament to their prowess. Rikki assumed the role of mentor, guiding Lucy into the realm of the 2WEB after-school radio program in 2023. Swiftly adapting, Lucy and Rikki became an unstoppable duo, hosting the Saturday 4-6 pm show with infectious energy.

Lucy quickly demonstrated a commitment and passion for the after-school program, extending beyond her regular program. Frequently stepping in to assist other afternoon shows, Lucy’s dedication showcased an exceptional work ethic, earning her admiration from the 2WEB community.

Bound by their love for sports, especially netball, Rikki and Lucy participated enthusiastically in Gala days with neighbouring schools. While both shared a love of swimming, Lucy occasionally swapped her swimsuit for a fishing rod, enjoying moments by the river with family and friends.

Reflecting on her 2WEB experience, Rikki expressed gratitude for the unwavering support from friends and family. “It’s nice to have that support. It makes me feel proud of what we are doing here,” she said.

Adding a delightful twist to their story, Rikki and Lucy are not just radio partners but also cousins. This family connection undoubtedly added an extra layer of camaraderie to their on-air chemistry. Lucy emphasized how the after-school program at 2WEB bolstered her confidence and polished her public speaking skills.

As Rikki begins her new chapter at a Sydney boarding school, the 2WEB community extends their best wishes.

There is also an air of excitement as Lucy prepares to grace the radio waves again in 2024, bringing her infectious energy alongside new pals.

The legacy of the Rikki and Lucy show remains etched in the hearts of listeners, eagerly anticipating Lucy’s return to the spotlight.


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