The Food Dude gets a taste of Bourke

Former Bourke boy Alo Baker, now “The Food Dude” on channel 7Mate was in Bourke for a taste of the local Morrall’s pies and Rice’s Splashe Cola (below) and above, interviewing John Milgate – the maker of Bourke’s famous meat pies. Photos TWH

7Mate’s ‘The Food Dude’ Alo Baker was in Bourke last week, on his quest to promote local rural Australian food heroes.

Where better place to do that than at Morrall’s Bakery with a famous Morrall’s Curry Pie and a Back O’Bourke Splashe Cola?

Alo is no stranger to a Morrall’s pie and Splashe Cola, as he was introduced to these outback delicacies at the ripe old age of 14.

“I lived in Bourke for a couple of years back in my school days, when I was about 14 and 15 years old.

“I went to school out at Pera Bore on Darling Farms and got introduced to Splashe Cola and Morrall’s pies very early,” Alo says.

Alo is now an announcer with the Austereo Radio Network and also fronts a television food program “The Food Dude” on 7Mate.

In his upcoming Food Dude series Alo promotes Morrall’s pies and Splashe Cola as worthy contenders to be called local rural heroes.

Alo jokes that one of the unfortunate side effects of his job has been weight gain but takes it all in his stride, as just part of the job. And considering it won’t be a long-term thing, Alo doesn’t expect to have any long-term health effects.

“I don’t know whether it is a long-term thing, I just know I love local businesses and the regional areas of Australia. If that leads into more series fine, I might have to fast between series though,” Alo laughs.

Alo leaves it up to each business to showcase what they want to feature.

“The show is about these guys, they’re the heroes - I am only the host,” Alo says.

He says he has faced some strange and whacky creations from kangaroo to emu pies.

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