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Team effort gets jabs in arms

Matt James, Louise Brown, Stuart Gordon, Dr Arul Sivanesan, Maria Warren, Katrina Mulligan, Alice Gordon, Wendy Holmes, Jess Ingram and Pat Canty at ODGP vaccination clinic last week. Photo TWH

It was a team effort when Bourke’s medical services combined to keep the community rolling up the sleeves and getting their COVID vaccines last week.

Board Chair of Outback Division of General Practice, Stuart Gordon, said three services were involved in the vaccination push – Outback Division of General Practice, Ochre Health, and the Bourke Aboriginal Corporation Health Service.

“We are now looking at rates of around 90 per cent for first vaccinations and we’d like to get towards that for second vaccinations as well,” Mr Gordon said.

“We had 71 people come through the clinic over the two days and that was reasonably equal across the three sites, and we want to continue that communication with people that the vaccine is available.

“We were hoping for more people to take advantage of three well-resourced facilities and Ochre Practise and BACHS are regularly offering vaccines, so the LHD coordinated the clinic here at Outback Division.

They brought a number of staff in and we had a doctor on site so it was well resourced and they were happy to support the community with more conversations and information.

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