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Taylor Robb and Fi Shewring. PHOTO TWH

Supporting and Linking Tradeswomen (SALT) held a workshop at Bourke High School, aimed at teaching girls the skills needed to excel in the workforce.

“We started SALT in 2009 to get more women into the trades,” SALT founder Fi Shewring said amid the sound of power tools.

“We decided to teach women and girls how to use tools because that is an essential factor in deciding whether or not to go into the trades,” Ms Shewring said.

“Learning to use tools provides life skills that will help women to help themselves.”

Putting down the power drill, English teacher Nicole Seller, said that the girls at Bourke High had been eager to get more involved in the trades.

“At Bourke High, we push finding work after school; many of our girls go into hands-on, trade-based traineeships, and we are finding that the number of girls taking advantage of these programs is growing,” Nicole said.

Bourke is just one stop for the SALT tour, which will travel to Broken Hill, down through Victoria and to Tasmania, helping young women to join the trades.

In schools, the tradespeople also mentor students about positive career choices, enabling them to earn a reasonable wage and build self-esteem and confidence.

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