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Students learn of jobs and careers available locally

Jenni Brammall from the Australian Opal Centre and John Byrne from Barpa Constructions both gave presentations on employment in their industries. Photo TWH

The Lightning Ridge Immersion Experience

Fourteen students from Collarenebri visited Lightning Ridge last Thursday for an “Industry Immersion Excursion”.

Spearheaded by Tim Wykes, the head teacher of careers at the Lightning Ridge Cluster, and his offsider Deb Manning, the program offers students from the Lightning Ridge Central School, Walgett Community College, Goodooga Central School, and the Mungindi Central School a hands-on glimpse into various industries.

Students were accompanied by Katherine Hazel, a science teacher, and Kobi Hall, a School Learning Support Officer (SLSO) and a former student of Collarenebri Central School.

The Industry Immersion Excursion is an attempt to bridge the gap between classroom learning and real-world experiences, providing students, from year 9 to year 12, with a behind-the-scenes look at local businesses, allowing them face-to-face interactions with business owners and managers across a spectrum of industries.

The goal is to ignite a passion within these young minds for their future career paths by exposing them to the realities and opportunities within their reach.

Their first stop was the Lightning Ridge District Bowling Club, where Assistant Manager Amelia Maxwell shed light on career opportunities within the hospitality industry.

“It is so much more than being a bar attendant,” Tim Wykes remarked, echoing Maxwell’s presentation.

Ms Maxwell elaborated on roles ranging from bartending to apprenticeships in the bistro as chefs, kitchen hand positions, administration, front reception, bottle shop attendant roles, and cellarman/storeman duties.

The discussion ventured into greenkeeping with Adam Webb, the head greenkeeper, and touched on maintenance roles within the club.

A standout story from the day was that of Jordan McGovern, a gaming technician who began his career journey at the club as an apprentice chef.{…]

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