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‘Strength of Stories’ art and music event

Bourke artist Jen Greentree will be launching her new collectiion next Friday. Photo contributed

Bourke artist Jenny Greentree will launch her new collection for 2024 at a special event called “Strength of Stories” at the Back O’Bourke Gallery on Friday, 22 March.

Combining her artistic talents with singer-songwriter Nerida Cuddy, Jen will be showing her new works, followed by a concert by Nerida in the gallery courtyard.

Nerida, who has an affinity with Bourke, having lived here in the 1990’s, said she can’t wait to get back out to the red dirt country. Her songs will resonate with locals.

Jen and Nerida are both inspired by the strength, resilience, and beauty of the outback landscape and how these characteristics are reflected in the people who live in it.

Both artists love to encourage people in good times and harsh times through art, music, and humour.

This event is an invitation to take time out from the strains of life, to experience something lovely, encouraging, and uplifting, celebrating the Australian spirit that motivates Jen and Nerida.

“I wanted to create something unique with the “Strength of Stories” collection,” Jen said.

“These new paintings are a totally new expression of the outback, its wildflowers and its people presented on linen using mixed media. Just as Nerida’s songs offer strength through stories, so do these artworks.”

The “Strength of Stories” Collection has been six months in the making.

Jen chose to paint wildflowers because their ability to survive and thrive in the outback is an encouraging testimony to overcoming harsh conditions and emerging with strength and beauty.

However, the “Strength of Stories” Collection is not just about wildflowers.

Jen has used snippets of stories from The Western Herald to remind us of the people who have also survived and thrived in the same landscape.

In the text, the viewer catches glimpses of outback life. The text gives insight into the spirit of the people who, like the wildflowers, are strong, adaptable, insightful and have an inner beauty that inspires and cares for others.

The new paintings are a delightful and interesting display of colour and design.

Using acrylic paint, ink, text, soil, and bark to create the artworks, many hours of work went into planning, problem solving, experimenting, and designing.

Apart from making interesting texture in the works, the red dirt, grey soil, and bark provide a real and tactile connection to the outback subject matter.

The “Strength of Stories” Art and Music event will be held at the Back O’Bourke Gallery at North Bourke on Friday 22 March from 7pm. For event info and tickets –


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