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Spar Supermarket construction begins

Bourke Spar Supermarket proprietor Chandra Kollipara with his business partner, Arnold Fernandes on the building site this week. Photo Twh

Tricia Duffield

Construction is surging ahead on the rebuild of the Spar supermarket, despite the challenges of deliveries and wet weather interruptions.

Owner Chandra Kollipara said plumbing work and concreters were on site this week, and next week the construction crews will arrive.

The following week the roofing team will start work and the site will take shape and start looking like a brand-new supermarket.

“We’ve been lucky and so far, there have not been too many delays because of the weather,” Chandra said.

“The building materials will arrive at the end of January or early February and once everything is put together, we expect to open.

“The building comes up in parts - the construction materials, the steel beams, and then the building is constructed on site.

“I’m very happy with how it’s going and although there have been a few holdups because of the weather, it’s going great.

“I’m excited to get back into business after waiting ten months now.

“It will be great to have new facilities - the fridges are already in Bourke, and we have new shelving coming in the next few weeks.

“We already have our orders in with our suppliers and they all know it will be after Christmas, so they are sorting out stock,” Chandra said.

The rebuild has been an exercise in patience for Chandra, with an excruciatingly slow insurance claim process, following the fire last December.

The insurance company determined it was an accident, but the clearance to then begin rebuilding took several months. Chandra said while some staff had to leave Bourke to find alternative employment, most were kept on the books and would return to their former roles once the doors open.

COVID restrictions in the insurance company office held up proceedings before the slow process of the Development Application for approval.

Chandra said now it was all systems go and he was excited about getting his business back in operation, having his loyal staff back behind the cash registers, and Bourke’s customers filing through the doors to shop.

“It will be a really good store with all the best equipment and shelving, and I am very excited that soon we will be able to return to business,” he said.


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