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Schools are back this week with new faces and exciting plans

Bourke Public School welcomes new staff Rachael Ricketts, Ellen Fowler, Tayla Lewis, Cecil Towney, Eunice Grimes, Jake Hobson, Annalise Crawshaw, Eliza Urquhart with Principal Margaret Margaret Gordon-Poole. Photo Twh

Last Thursday, Bourke High School welcomed its latest cohort of Year 7 students, poised for a journey filled with new experiences and learning adventures alongside their Year Advisor, Teagan McLachlan.

Five new staff members have also joined the Bouke High team, and returning students are embracing the buzz of activity, knowing they’re in for an eventful year ahead.

Looking ahead, the school has some exciting plans lined up.

In the coming weeks, students will have the opportunity to witness the All-Stars in Townsville, adding a touch of excitement to their academic journey.

From February 12-16, the Our Tiddas Our Sisters program will host a skilled hairdresser, guiding students through styling techniques, and from February 19, an onsite dentist will ensure students have access to essential dental care. [‘

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